Hudson River Valley Interior Design Inspiration: Part Two

Hudson River Valley Interior Design Inspiration: Part Two

Design Inspiration

One of the great pleasures of traveling with Classical Excursions through the Institute of Architecture and Art is the opportunity to visit private homes where the interior design is so inspiring.

Here are my takeaways from our recent trip to the Hudson River Valley in upstate New York.  Most of what we saw was traditional decor inspired by history. So if this is your thing, follow along.

Pool Houses that Look like Greek Temples

Christopher Spitzmiller’s pool house at Clove Brook Farm incorporates a stag theme in the Greek Revival architecture.

The geese are so cute, but one of them bit my leg really hard when I was taking a pic!

Painted and Patterned Floors

These floors are a really charming way to make a design statement.

Doors With Details

Img 077528129
Chevron doggy door at Christopher Spitzmiller’s.

Rooms Painted in Bright Colors

Big Art Makes a Statement

Four Poster Beds: A Room Within a Room

Big Storage

We’re always looking for extra storage, aren’t we? Here are two examples of making the most of an empty wall that has limited depth.

Animal Heads

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  • Nicole Heymer
    | 5 October 2021

    Love all of this inspiration!

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