Color and You – Take the “Ode to Color” Analysis

Color and You – Take the “Ode to Color” Analysis

“Consciousness of Color Seminar” at the Boston Design Center

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Last week I attended a terrific seminar at the Boston Design Center called “The Consciousness of Color”. Lori Weitzner, designer, color expert and author of Ode to Color and Marisa Gutmacher, Executive Design Director of Samuel and Sons and passementerie historian spoke. They shared their insights as to how we perceive color and how that knowledge can help designers understand their clients’ personal feelings about color. Gail Ravgiala, Editor of Design New England, did a great job leading the conversation.

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Right now I’m reading Lori’s book, ODE TO COLOR, taking it one color palette at a time. It’s an intriguing anthology that offers an engaging journey into the world of color as it applies to culture, design, mood and memory. Lori says that color and design are not just experienced visually, but through all the senses. She describes ten color palettes and the associations and emotions we assign to a color. You can take your ODE TO COLOR analysis here. I just took it, and it was right on target! My #1 palette was Earthly and #2, At Ease, reflecting my love of both deep saturated tones as well as calm neutrals. Let me know how it works out for you!

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  • Ruth Winett
    | 25 February 2022

    I have enjoyed your blogs, particularly your description of the 1790 project. What a lot of attention to detail!

    • Linda Weisberg
      | 25 February 2022

      Thank you, Ruth. Great to hear from you! Hope all is going well.

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