IFDA Take a Seat

IFDA Take a Seat

The “Going for Baroque” Chair

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Most people would walk by this chair without a second thought. I happen to be one of those who would be intrigued by how to save it. And what better way but to restore it for Take a Seat, an annual event in the design community where local interior designers fashion a chair to donate for auction. The proceeds then go to organizations in the Greater Boston community-in this case, The Lyceum Fellowship, Friends of the Children and The Women’s Institute for Housing and Economic Development.

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I happend to be at the Boston Design Center with a client. We stepped into Brookline Village Antiques to look at their fabulous selection of paintings, and we came upon this chair. It is a 17thC Italian Baroque chair that came out of an estate in Massachusetts. I just loved the carved pieces on the top of the chair. The words “velvet” and “tapestry” came to mind!

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Here is a beautiful fabric that I found in the Kravet showroom made by GP&J Baker. It comes in several color ways, but I thought that this one fit the “Going for Baroque” chair perfectly. I also chose a welting fabric, but as the chair evolved, I decided to use nail heads to finish off the upholstery.

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