One Room Challenge Fall 2018 – Week 2

One Room Challenge Fall 2018 – Week 2

A Cozy Guest Bedroom and Bath Refresh

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It’s Week 2 of the One Room Challenge. The project is moving along pretty well, and I had to make more decisions this week. When we took up the old broadloom in the bedroom, there was a bit of a surprise. I had forgotten that when I expanded the closet years ago, I chose not to repair the floor because I was going to cover it with broadloom, thinking it was the best solution for bedrooms in the cold New England climate. So this time I thought to put down sea grass which I love and have in other areas of the house. However, after speaking to the installer, I learned there were going to be issues of holding it in place.I didn’t want to glue it to the hardwood floor, nor did I want the edges near the base molding to look unfinished. So I called a floor refinisher who came right away. He will repair and refinish the floors this week. Hardwood floors are beautiful and also a better choice for resale down the road.

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The next issue is the trundle bed. I have been debating whether or not to use it. It is perfectly nice, but the lines are overwhelming for the space. I’ve had my eye on a trundle bed that has cleaner lines and just decided to buy it. I can use this trundle in another space or sell it. The second issue is whether to place the bed against the long wall or on the window wall. Here’s the “old” trundle in both spots. You can weigh in if you like!

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In the meantime, the room has been painted in Benjamin Moore Bedford Blue. I love this color. It’s going to look great with the floors once they’re finished. The painter came back and painted the window hardware, and now it looks much better. Yes, there is a radiator which I hope to make “disappear” in the final room setup.

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Moving over to the adjoining bathroom, the wallpaper is stripped off, and the ceiling, cabinet and radiator have been painted Ben Moore Coventry Gray, another favorite of mine. The cabinet was originally white and in good condition, so I thought painting it would be a nice update. The Carrara tile floor and wall tile are in excellent condition, so no need to change that. Notice the short window! In situations like this the top of the window covering should hang right at the edge of the ceiling to cover the area above the window, so it looks like the window is larger than it truly is.

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I looked at many wallpaper samples. Here’s a sneak peak of the one I finally decided upon- a Thibaut wallpaper with a The Shade Store window fabric. Next week the wallpaper will go up, and the week after that, the window treatment. So far, so good. But it’s not over til it’s over! There’s still a lot to do!

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The One Room Challenge is a bi-annual online design event that is held every April and October. Each time twenty featured design bloggers from around the country take the challenge to design a space in six weeks and blog about the design process to their readers on Wednesdays. Guest participants link their room transformations with the event on Thursdays.  You can check out Week 1 here. Better Homes and Gardens is also sponsoring the event this time. Last fall was the first time I participated in the One Room Challenge where I updated the master bedroom in our 90 year old Tudor home. It was a great experience, and I’m excited to take the challenge again. See you next week – I’ll show you a way to get the stains out of your marble counter!

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